Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education *


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education *

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Mission: The Department of Education aims to prepare graduates to be leaders in education who think critically and ethically respect cultural diversity promote original research and commit to life-long learning. It also aims to provide opportunities for scientific research to help graduates contribute to the advancement of knowledge and improvement of practices nationally and internationally.

*Tarif pour l'année en cours

Responsable pédagogique : Dalal MOUKARZEL

Langue d'enseignement : Anglais

PrérequisMaster en Education
Première annéeSemestre 1

Matières obligatoires

Doctorial Colloquium

General Research Design

Qualitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research

Seminar: Teaching and Assessment

Semestre 2

Matières obligatoires

Seminar: Statistics

Deuxième annéeSemestre 3

Matières obligatoires

Dissertation 1

Seminar: Writing a publishable article

Semestre 4

Matières obligatoires

Dissertation 2


Troisième annéeSemestre 5

Matières obligatoires

Dissertation 3

Semestre 6

Matières obligatoires

Dissertation 4